Sustainable and
Green Finance

By incorporating Supply Chain Finance with sustainability assessment allows financial institutions to easily categorise companies based on their sustainability index and extend more favourable green financing rate to them. In turn, incentivising more companies to go green.

Monitor your Green

Real time supply chain insights on sustainability based on GRI Reporting Standards. Increasing regulatory requirements and stakeholders demand are forcing companies to be conscious of sustainability reporting.

Go Green with your Suppliers

Incorporate sustainability elements into deep-tier supply chain would provide visibility and transparency to the compliance to sustainability for suppliers down the chain. Through supply chain finance, incentivise and reward suppliers to adopt more sustainable activities or alternative materials and careful evaluation of their suppliers.

Discover Hidden Risks and Opportunities

Get a bird eye view of the risks and areas of improvement in sustainability for your supply chain. Visualise areas of competitive advantage and comparison with industry peers.

Scoring across four Dimensions

Respondents by sector

Implementation of sustainability practices to the business strategy

Geographical scope of business operation