Upsized Early Payment Program

Unlike other supply chain programs currently in the market, SBI-BANCO innovative solution allows value to be transferred to the deeper realms of the supply chain and as a result, expand your early financing program to benefit more suppliers in your ecosystem. More happy suppliers, Stronger Supply Chain.

Tip of your "Supply Chain Ecosystem"

The World Economic forum estimated that significant supply chain disruptions reduce share price of companies by as much as 7%. A key reason is the lack of adequate visibility over your supply chain. It leads to loss of productivity, increased cost of working capital and damage to brand reputation. Most companies can only have visibility over their immediate Tier 1 suppliers and limited beyond that.SBI-BANCO allow more transparency and visibility of your supply chain than most other SCF programs out there.



Risk increase further down the supply chain

The greatest and most critical sustainability risks are found deeper down the supply chain. Companies that reach past the first tiers improve supply chain management and meet stated business and sustainability objectives. While risk increases down the supply chain, only a third of the companies are actively seeking transparency beyond Tier 1.

SBI-BANCO vs SCF Programs
in the market

Other Supply Chain Programs
Tier 1 – n
Tier 1
Limited to Tier 1
Resiliency & Competitiveness
Greatly Increased
Limited to Tier 1
Better Mitigated
Limited to Tier 1
Better Accessed
Limited to Tier 1